Carpet Concept is a trendsetter in the modern office carpet sector. From the very beginning, when the company was founded in 1993 by Thomas Trenkamp, every product development has focused on the design and functional use of the product in equal measure.

The use of new technologies and the discovery of new ways of implementing weaving craftsmanship have led to exceptional woven carpets as well as the flat-weave product, Eco. Carpet Concept products are authentic, comfortable and sustainable.

Innovative products with effective spatial qualities are the result of the incredible passion the company has for textile innovations and its seriousness in dealing with new dimensions of furnishings and fittings. The company’s expertise when it comes to colors and structure is given new expression in Carpet Concept Textiles for furniture and spaces. The Carpet Concept Acoustic System, CAS, has become a comprehensive aesthetic and functional spatial concept. Tested quality and textile expressiveness set new standards in furnishings.

Textile Spaces promote well-being, shape spaces long term, and increase people’s desire to perform at work.