Curiosity and an inventive spirit

    Products by Carpet Concept bear an unmistakable hallmark resulting from the specific production methods. The brand stands equally for well-proven production methods, innovative technologies and groundbreaking design. The high quality and exceptional design of the carpets and textiles are produced in the company’s own weaving mill in the Thuringian town of München­bernsdorf – with state-of-the-art weaving technology and painstaking handicraft. This requires skills and qualifications, which have a long-standing tradition in the textile region of Thuringia.

    Carpet Concept is renowned for its curiosity, inventive spirit and a creative dealing with weaving technology. The advanced production processes include classic methods such as the mechanical weaving with pile wires: two threads, the warp thread stretched out lengthways and the weft thread stretching crossways, intersect at an angle of 90 degrees. Originally, punch cards controlled the lifting of individual yarns over the pile wires, today, this is done by means of design software on weaving computers. The production of flat-woven carpets is also a traditional technique. Carpet Concept rediscovered this method for modern applications. Flat-woven carpets feature an authentic structure and are particularly durable. The company's broad production spectrum also includes the established process of tufting. In this process, yarns are pushed into a support fabric as loops to manufacture a loop pile carpet. Optionally, the loops are cut open to produce a Frisé or fine cut-pile carpet. As these carpets can be dyed or printed, they can be individually designed as requested. Each new range combines the advancement and re-interpretation of classic procedures with the greatest possible comfort to meet today's requirements.