Creative exchange

    Carpet Concept banks on a creative dialogue with partners. The ‘Weaving Kitchen’ in the company’s own carpet factory provides an exceptional possibility for the mutual exchange with clients, planners and employees. The historic industrial building in the Thuringian town of Münchenbernsdorf was elaborately refurbished and restructured after the German reunification. As part of today’s ensemble, the Weaving Kitchen in one of the old factory halls invites people to cook together and exchange their ideas on craftsmanship, design and technology in an inspiring ambience.

    Carpet Concept understands products as an integrative component of interior design, which addresses all senses. In architecture and design as well as for cooking, sensory perception is the precondition for a successful experience. Cooking in the Weaving Kitchen is about pleasure and indulgence but also about exploring the points of contact between creative areas. With this approach, people involved start thinking outside the box. New connections arise from the exchange between various creative disciplines. That way, the Weaving Kitchen combines culinary delights and the pleasure in design as a sensuous experience.